About – Mount Tabor Estates

Cabot Arkansas MapMount Tabor Estates is located near Cabot, Arkansas sharing the zip code of 72023.  

The estates are surrounded by the city limits of Cabot, Arkansas.  With that, this means the community gets to enjoy being outside the city limits yet enjoy the conveniences of city life. 

This growing community is quickly becoming the go to community for nice and safe living with down to earth people that look out for each other.  Offering lots to do with nice walks, bike rides, a small community lake for fishing in the heart of the estates and more.

Don’t be surprised when people wave as you drive through.

Shopping, entertainment, activities and pretty much anything else you would need are just minutes away.

If you are moving into the estates, you can use this link for all of your utility needs.

Welcome to Mount Tabor Estates in Cabot, Arkansas. 

Welcome To Cabot Arkansas - Mount Tabor Estates - Cabot, Arkansas